ROSTHERNE, the world’s leading medical anti-aging skin care brand, which is a cosmeceutical brand of EVIGT SOLSKIN COSMECEUTICALS CO., LTD.Discover Rostherne……

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“ Sharing love , Lasting beauty. ”

  • Ageless Love

    In a little town, ROSTHERNE MERE,
    Dr. Jones and Ansel met here.
    Eyes sparkling, hearts missed a beat.
    Love flared up to a great heat.
    Bye was a difficult word to say,
    How they wished Love could forever stay.
    Alas, the secular world ensured Love was drowned
    ROSTHERNE MERE turned out to be a dry pond.
    Flee, flee out of the manor was their only choice
    To wherever Love could survive, and hearts rejoice.

  • Bullets glared shower after shower
    The merciless age has great power
    That gloomed her face, grayed her hair:
    The beauty Ansel was thrust into despair.
    Dr. Jones always holds the dream
    That his beloved can ever beam,
    Be ever happy,
    Be an immortal beauty.

  • Each Easter Day finds Dr. Jones in ROSTHERNE MERE
    Waiting for the bright sun to come along,
    When all of a sudden the mermaid does appear,
    Bringing him the secret of staying forever young and elixir.
    Day after day year after year,
    Sonorous bell rings from lake bed near.
    Crystal clear water and dancing fernbrake,
    The beloved wife returned to youthful look.

  • In reward for mermaid’s kindness,
    Dr.Jones and Ansel go through dunes and sands
    with hand in hand.
    Choosing ROSTHERNE as their love land,
    Blooming roses around Dr.Jones clinic and youthful secret past holily.
    Sharing love and lasting beauty.

EVIGT SOLSKIN COSMECEUTICALS CO., LTD was established in London, U.K. It has been exploring a unique way of anti-aging based on latest cell biology and medical anti-aging theories and has developed Rostherne, Henleaze and Vinstra series integrating cutting-edge isolation technology to gain high-purity active ingredients of medical laboratory grade.

Upholding the philosophy sharing love, lasting beauty proposed by its founder Dr. Jones, EVIGT SOLSKIN is aimed to apply exact science to extract quintessential essence of plant efficiently. By using high-pressure cold extraction and exclusive formula, EVIGT SOLSKIN is proud of numerous high dense ingredients such as stem cells, yeast extract, EGF, coenzyme Q10 in its anti-aging and anti-oxidation products. Its cell biology technology will amazingly enhance your skin’s capacity and regenerate your skin.

Cosmeceuticals is the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceutical products with proven bioactive ingredients have medical or drug-like benefits. EVIGT SOLSKIN products are formulated with high quality bioactive ingredients and their anti-aging and restoring the youth have been clinically proven.